Would you like to own a food truck business?

Do you spend your days working, doing whatever it is you do, but at the same time you are always thinking of new great recipes you could be preparing instead of what you are doing now? Maybe it’s time to change what you are doing and think of going over to food business. Or to be more exact, to start your OWN food business. And one of the less costly option to do that is to start a food truck business.

Food Network has just announced the coming of the fourth season of The Great Food Truck Race where people just like you are competing for the chance of winning their own food truck as well as a cash prize of $50 000. Eight teams of three will start their 4181-mile road trip filled with challenges related to cooking, business and creativity on August 18th at 9pm ET/PT.

“Our competitors have to demonstrate top-notch cooking abilities and an entrepreneur’s creativity and business skills. It all makes for a food-filled road trip that delivers a life-changing grand prize to the winner,” said Bob Tuschman from Food Network.

The show is hosted by Tyler Florence who will be greeting the eight teams in the season premiere under the iconic Hollywood sign. And then the race may begin!

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