Know of great healthy foods? Take a selfie!

If you’re a fan of great healthy foods and have your own favorite that gets you going every time, why not take a selfie photo of your healthy meal and post it at

Cigna has just launched a “Share Your Healthy YOU Food” contest that offers nice prizes, including a four-day cooking retreat for you and your guest, a year worth of one-on-one sessions with Cigna nutritionist, a smartphone full of Cigna healthy apps and more.

And all you need to do to get a chance of winning any of those prizes is to take a photo of your nutritious go-to food and post it on Cigna’s website. The entry to the competition is open through June 21, 2014.

Cigna GO YOU website has been launched as part of Cigna’s brand awareness campaign that focuses on embracing your true self and celebrating your health and individualism. The site offers people a gathering place to inspire and be inspired by the back stories of individuals.

“Every day there’s an opportunity to get a boost of encouragement, energy and excitement to take on the day with our health in mind,” says Benjamin Karsch, Cigna’s Head of Brand, Marketing Communications and Digital Marketing. “Whether it’s spinach or a protein shake after a workout, food fuels us to be at our best. This contest celebrates that with our audience.”

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