Delicious new Natural Fruit Spreads

Smucker’s brand has just come out with a number of new Natural Fruit Spreads. The new spreads are available in four flavors. They are all made with ingredients from natural sources, real sugar, and contain no preservatives. Sold in 17.25 oz glass jars at select retailers around the U.S., the suggested retail price for the spreads is from $2.59 to $3.89.

What flavors do the new spreads have and what might be the best ways to use them? Well, obviously the options on how to use them are limitless, just use your imagination on how to come up with new great ways to use the Smucker’s Natural Fruit Spreads, but just to give you some ideas:

1. You can use the new Strawberry Fruit Spread together with ice, bananas and yogurt. Blend them together and you’ll have a fresh natural smoothie.
2. Or if Concord Grape is your new favorite spread, then simply spread a cracker with it and maybe add some peanut butter.
3. What about the new Red Raspberry Fruit Spread? You could just take one tablespoon of it and add it into a serving of nonfat yogurt.
4. If you enjoy oatmeal in the morning, stir one tablespoon of Orange Marmalade Fruit Spread into it.

You can discover more ideas as well as learn more about all the Smucker’s spread varieties at

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